CALL Content Production Plan: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Basic Outline:


Introduction to the Plan: What is Vocabulary?

Goals & Objectives: Just learning Words and definitions? Or is it more than that? Ideas, Concepts, and Usage when learning vocabulary words.
Different cultures in an online classroom.
Who are you students? What are their vocabulary experiences and understanding of what vocabulary is?
Multiple Intelligences: Who is technically adept at learning vocabulary through technology and who is not?
How to mix learning Styles and apply computer oriented materials to strengthen different intelligences. More and better understanding of learning vocabulary through technology and more and better understanding of the importance of learning vocabulary through a humanist approach.

Online Vocabulary Learning Activities and Lessons
Learning Words Online – How it works
What types of words are best, and what are students interested in?
What is the best way to go about it? Do images  facilitate better comprehension?What type of images?
Using the words in text.

What resources are available?

Assessing On-Line Vocabulary Retention: What is best way?

Assessing Students’ tested Understanding of Vocabulary
Assessing students’ written Understanding of vocabulary.
Assessing student’s individual written work via computer

Review and Summarization of CALL and Learning Vocabulary
Assessing Achievement of Topic Goals & Objectives


Overview of unit on Vocabulary Learning
Class goals and objectives

What does it mean?
How will we learn vocabulary?
What tools will we use?
Online Thesaurus, Online sources
What vocabulary do you need and Why?
How to go about finding and learning what you need to learn.
Group activity: Using vocabulary outside of the technological environment
Individual activity: Online learning and presenting vocabulary words in an online blog.
Assessment: Comprehension via usage in emails and blogs, in class participation, and in-class oral and group activity.


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